Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ace SBI Clerk Examination with Youth4Work Prep Test

SBI Clerk examination took a dramatic turn by shifting towards online format in contrast with the old pen and paper format.
Here are a few tips for all those SBI Clerical candidates on how to judiciously utilize Y4w Prep Tests to achieve higher score.

1. Attempt section-wise first
The key towards cracking SBI Clerk Exam is to master each subject first. Before proceeding with the preparations, it is always advised to study the whole syllabus that is coming thoroughly. The main subject areas that are covered in the examination are general awareness, general English, quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability and marketing aptitude and computer awareness. Make it a habit to religiously read newspaper on a daily basis for atleast 30-40 minutes.
2. Speed practice
The key factor in competitive examinations is speed. Y4W Prep Tests are adaptive in nature which will help in getting known to the test mood. Test yourself that on which topics you have a strong and a weak hold. During the examination, if you are doubtful regarding any question, do not waste your time pondering over it for a long time, as it would eat away your time to complete rest of the paper. Rather, move on to other questions and in the end try attempting it. Do not panic.
3. Regular Test Taking Habit
You only get used to the test taking format with multiple attempts. Discover new methods of attempting, be bold enough to take mistakes.
4. Avoid Silly Mistakes
During the examination, mark an answer only if you are completely confident about. If you'll just make wild guesses, it may lead to negative marking.
5. A week's preparation is not enough
In most of the cases, the students start preparing for the examination just a week or few days before the paper. This is a very wrong method to apply as nobody can become a perfectionlist in a day or two. Plus lack of preparation would never yield anything positive. So keep aside your laziness and start preparing 9-10 months earlier for the examination. Even if you're good at most of the subjects, you still need to be in practice.

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